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QUESTION: Maps of US military occupation of Iraq

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I'm looking for maps of main bases/forts and forward operating bases of US occupying forces in Iraq since the 2003 invasion. I have an Iraq Veteran (Against the War) friend who is interested in planning a reconciliation trip to Iraq and would like to have maps that show US military installations. These could be maps of bases, regions containing bases, roads between installations, etc. He's looking at it more in the line of how German military installations in France can still be seen throughout the country, and would also like to be able to place a timeline on the construction, use, and abandoning of bases.

QUESTION: I am writing a article about how screwed up wall street is

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I am writing an article about how screwed up Wall Street is and I want to start with a comparison to a crash in history, prior to 1929. Which crash most resembles 2008?

QUESTION: Wikileaks

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Are Wikileaks sites (main, mirrors) being censored by government filters in US public libraries?

QUESTION: mining

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Social responsability of mineral industries of Latin america.


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Hi, I am looking for a contact at the Boston Public Library that can help me with a project that I am working on with SPROUT in Somerville. Michael Nagle and I recently received a grant through the Barr Foundation to develop a project that visually represents current energy use for the city of Boston through it's neighborhood fire call boxes. This is an unusual and exciting project, and we would like to work with the main library and the library branches to disseminate info about what the visual info on the call boxes is representing. Anyway, longer story and specific description is available, but I am looking for the right person to contact at the BPL that might work on public programs/art projects?
Many thanks, Deb Todd Wheeler (Boston area artist)

QUESTION: What software options are there for putting census data on a map?

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Creating maps by population, income distribution, etc are great for organizing strategy and political education/leadership development. I am familiar with the online tool "Simply Map", which I can use through my local library. Sometimes, it's not enough. What similar (free/trial/paid) tools are out there?

QUESTION: Traditional vs non-traditional forms of advertising

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PLEASE HELP: Traditional vs non-traditional forms of advertising?
My dissertation is, in part, comparing traditional and non-traditional advertising practices.

Specifically, I'm looing at the wor of Banksy, and showing how agencies could use the urban landscape as an advertising medium.

QUESTION: paid fellowship programs for activists, academics. journalists or analysts concerned with human rights, social, economic or environmental justice

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Where would one find databases or lists of paid fellowship programs (national or international) for activists, academics, journalists or analysts concerned with human rights, social, economic or environmental justice? Thank you.

QUESTION: Requesting permission to reproduce an article "The Challenge of Prison Abolition: A Conversation between Angela Y. Davis and Dylan Rodriguez”

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I am requesting permission to reproduce the article below for educational purposes, on a cost recovery basis. If possible, I am requesting this on an ongoing basis, which will save having to request permission each year.

Davis, Angela Y. & Dylan Rodriguez (n/d) “The Challenge of Prison Abolition: A Conversation between Angela Y. Davis and Dylan Rodriguez” (pp. 1-6). History Is a Weapon. Downloaded May 16, 2012 from:

QUESTION: Racially Restrictive Covenants and Deeds on Long Island

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I am finishing a documentary on housing policy in NYC and there is a section about redlining and "white flight" from the city to Long Island and South Brooklyn suburbs. I am desperately looking for visual evidence of the fact that blacks in particular were excluded from some suburban communities (levittown, for example). does anybody know where i can, on short notice, get an example of either a restrictive deed from this area, and/or some promotional material from a developer advertising the fact that a community was restricted?

i am finishing up next week for the Brooklyn Film Festival. I hate a great image i was using but realized it was from LA, not NY!

thanks for any help you can give me. this documentary is independent, muckraking and challenges bloomberg development policy. i have made other films on progressive/radical issues, like Every Mother's Son (police brutality) and Out At Work (LGBT discrimination in the workplace).

thank you!!!

kelly anderson