QUESTION: Maps of US military occupation of Iraq

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I'm looking for maps of main bases/forts and forward operating bases of US occupying forces in Iraq since the 2003 invasion. I have an Iraq Veteran (Against the War) friend who is interested in planning a reconciliation trip to Iraq and would like to have maps that show US military installations. These could be maps of bases, regions containing bases, roads between installations, etc. He's looking at it more in the line of how German military installations in France can still be seen throughout the country, and would also like to be able to place a timeline on the construction, use, and abandoning of bases.


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jim miller

One place that might seem surprising, but is well worth a try, is the Defense Technical Information Center. The search: "forward operating bases in iraq" "operation iraqi freedom" map gets 10 hits, including Fire for Effect: Calling for a More Potent Energy
, which has some maps that give base locations and names on pages 41 and 42. You can also try other searches such as "Iraq war 2003" bases map, but I am getting a LOT of irrelevant hits. Part of the problem is that DTIC does not have "proximity search" - like Google, you have to use either exact phrases, or look for the default AND (all of the words/phrases somewhere on the pages but maybe very far apart). gets about 764 results for the search: "iraq war 2003" bases occupation map site:edu

Some similar searches in Google Web search led to a West Point Iraq war history site. It also might be well worth trying to add , to get a non-US university perspective - or even site:iq - to get Iraqi websites.

Jim Miller