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One place that might seem surprising, but is well worth a try, is the Defense Technical Information Center. The search: "forward operating bases in iraq" "operation iraqi freedom" map gets 10 hits, including Fire for Effect: Calling for a More Potent Energy
, which has some maps that give base locations and names on pages 41 and 42. You can also try other searches such as "Iraq war 2003" bases map, but I am getting a LOT of irrelevant hits. Part of the problem is that DTIC does not have "proximity search" - like Google, you have to use either exact phrases, or look for the default AND (all of the words/phrases somewhere on the pages but maybe very far apart). gets about 764 results for the search: "iraq war 2003" bases occupation map site:edu

Some similar searches in Google Web search led to a West Point Iraq war history site. It also might be well worth trying to add , to get a non-US university perspective - or even site:iq - to get Iraqi websites.

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QUESTION: Maps of US military occupation of Iraq

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I'm looking for maps of main bases/forts and forward operating bases of US occupying forces in Iraq since the 2003 invasion. I have an Iraq Veteran (Against the War) friend who is interested in planning a reconciliation trip to Iraq and would like to have maps that show US military installations. These could be maps of bases, regions containing bases, roads between installations, etc. He's looking at it more in the line of how German military installations in France can still be seen throughout the country, and would also like to be able to place a timeline on the construction, use, and abandoning of bases.

QUESTION: American soldier and man of conscious held in refugee camp

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I would like any precedents in Germany or other countries for what is happening to Andre Shepherd, an American soldier and IVAW member currently being held in a German refugee camp as he seeks asylum? I have other questions too but this is on the top of my list. You can find out more by going to articles posted on the front of the website, the article in Der Spiegel is particularly informative.

Climate Change


** Click on Title to see full answer ** Interestingly, the military itself has looked at this issue at least a little. In DTIC (Defense Technical Information Center), the search: "carbon footprint" gets 27 reports, on such issues as energy efficiency, public concerns about the military's use of energy, military and other government use of already existing commercial transportation, etc. Even the specific search: "carbon footprint" and iraq gets 4 hits. These appear to be mainly from the full text of fairly popular service members' magazines and newsletters. DTIC is free to all, and even though many reports are NOT full text, it would be worth skimming through other searches such as "energy efficiency" and calculation and iraq (101 hits) to see if there are more technical and detailed reports.

The Department of Energy's OSTI site is a quicker path to full text technical studies, but may not have much on the Iraq war. To shortcut to full text, Look in the Left side column under "Key Resources" and point the mouse to "Science Accelerator" but DON'T click it - go to the menu that opens and click "Information Bridge" which is ONLY full text reports. Or go to the right side of the page and click the "Key Databases" link to find Information Bridge.

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QUESTION: Climate Change

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Has anyone ever tried to seriously calculate the carbon footprint of the current Iraq War? If so, who and what was it? Thanks!

Roll call votes on war bills


This one does not appear to be a quick job of research, unless you get very lucky with a newspaper database via your local library. Free web news I don't think will go back nearly far enough, maybe not even the current year. Individual papers often have archive searches, but it's rare that they don't charge at least a small fee for articles.

Your best place to try is probably Roll Call Votes in They include Congresses back to the 101st (1989-90), with the House having only the 2nd session (1990) for that Congress. But it appears to me you would need to try many different searches using "find in page" (CTRL-F), to find words such as "war", "Iraq", "terror" etc., in those actual page listings of all roll call votes. The Search function in the upper right of the Roll Call Votes page gets many hearing pages, not just votes. Even if you try: "roll call" war, you get hundreds of announcements of upcoming votes, etc.

Another approach would be the Appropriations bills listings, which are broken down by major categories. For example, the 2002 listing includes 1 "Public Law" under "Defense" and 9 under "Supplemental Appropriations". When you click on the "Public Law" links, then on "Bill summary and status", you can get "major congressional actions", "all congressional actions" and "all actions with amendments". No doubt some of the war funding bills will be well buried inside amendments or other bills, so it might even be worth a search in to see if there is a nice summary of how senators have voted over the course of these wars. Even the Democratic or Republican National Committee sites might possibly have a summary - but you would for sure want to use those mainly as a short cut to double check against your searches in Thomas

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