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QUESTION: Flipping/Inverting Classrooms in Schools

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Could you point me to some research that has been completed on:

1. Flipping/Inverting classrooms. At home students watch a short video (perhaps from Khan Academy) and then at school work math problems in class under the supervision of the teacher.

2. Do using computers in secondary math classes help students learn

Thank you for helping me find research on the above.

QUESTION: Use of Library Services by Queer and Trans Adults

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Hi all, I am writing a short paper on the use of public library services by queer and trans adults and I was wondering if Rad Ref knew of any recent studies on this subject or any journals that may be worth looking at? Thanks!

QUESTION: American Indian incarceration rates

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What are the rates of incarceration for American Indians compared to Whites? or, What is the chance that as an American Indian you will be incarcerated in your lifetime? (Need source as well. The information I'm finding on the internet is mostly unsourced or refers to a mother jones article that I can't find.)

QUESTION: Police shootings

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I was wondering what the number was for the number of whites shot in 2011, and how many were by police and how many were shot by someone other then their on ethnic back ground.

QUESTION: Police Shootings

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How does the number of police shootings for 2011 in Albuquerque, NM compare to San Diego, California and San Antonio, Texas?

QUESTION: tax practices of five companies

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The Occupy Boston Tax Day Working Group needs info on the tax payment history and practices of these companies:

State Street
GE Capital
Bank of America

How much they paid, as well as unusual ways of avoiding taxes, the carried interest loophole, benefits of the bush tax cuts to the wealthy, how much they paid tax lawyers and accountants. Thanks.

QUESTION: Tax Inequality Graphs for flyers

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I need graphs for the back of flyers that will reproduce comprehensibly in BLACK AND WHITE of information illustrating how the tax code benefits the wealthy. Going the extra mile would be giving them to me in two sizes, one that would print on the back of a quarter page flyer for the 5:30 rally at Dewey Sq., Boston, MA, Occupy Boston. Topics; the carried interest loohole for hedgefund managers, hedgfund managers, compliance, taxes and prosperity under Eisenhower, tax rates on the wealthy falling during prosperous times....I hope you get the idea. The big pay off would be if you could track down a green chart that circulated on Facebook, a family budget broken down as if it were the federal tax system.


QUESTION: Core check

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I was core checked last year to coach in my daughters softball league. Do they core check every year or how long is it good for

QUESTION: How do you find out information about who funds public radio?

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How much public information is available on what companies are underwriting public radio? I was looking at NPR's IRS 990 on Guidestar, but it doesn't list any kind of breakdown as to how it is underwritten. Is this public info?

QUESTION: black panther archive

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i was wondering if you knew where i could find original copies of the black panther, the newspaper produced and distributed by the black panther party.