QUESTION: Use of Library Services by Queer and Trans Adults

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Hi all, I am writing a short paper on the use of public library services by queer and trans adults and I was wondering if Rad Ref knew of any recent studies on this subject or any journals that may be worth looking at? Thanks!

QUESTION: Affects of testosterone on transitioning men

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I'm enrolled in a health class and I've asked my teacher questions about transitioning males and the affects of testosterone on their body, especially considering that estrogen seems to have a protective effect on female bodies. I haven't gotten a straight answer. Particularly, I'm wondering if testosterone makes someone who is transitioning more susceptible to osteoporous and heart disease. It would be great to get this information from a source that has trans people's interests at heart.

QUESTION: what is genderfucking?

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i am looking for articles on genderfucking, in particular about what that means for people who use the term and who do not identify as transgender. how do they express themselves in terms of their outward appearance and play with their gender presentation when they 'genderfuck'? i am looking for diversity of perspectives that would certainly include those who do identify as transgender.

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