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QUESTION: Mac alternative to Tableau

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We got this series of questions via Twitter:

QUESTION: weather underground symbology

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I've been researching the meaning of the symbology/logos of radical organizations through history. One rather prominent logo that I cannot find any info on is the weather underground's. Can you give me information on what the rainbow with an arrow crossing it means?

Thanks in advance, and happy new year year to ya,


QUESTION: open source software

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I assume you have experience using open source cataloging software. Which ones would you suggest.

I'm working on a radical library in a anarchist space in Providence.

Fertilizer is on facebook, and also at



QUESTION: black radical feminism

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is there a list of lectures/radio talks by saidiya hartman?

QUESTION: revolt

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what would happen if the whole country marched on Washington and told congress they had to go and the people of this country tired for physically remove the people in government. which is our constitutional right and mandate from our forefathers?

QUESTION: The 2012 NDAA bill and it's rejected ammendments.

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Why is there a need for the NDAA? What is the need to consider the world at large and more specifically the United States of America a battle ground? Why were the ammendments restricting said considerations to outside of the US rejected? Isn't congress sworn to uphold and protect the constitution, and wouldn't passage of this act be a clear act of it's (the constitution) destruction? If so, couldn't voting yay on this, and nay on the ammendments, be considered an act of treason?

QUESTION: Resources for connecting corporations to bills.

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Do you know of any tools or resources for connecting corporations to specific bills & legislation? This would be invaluable for campaigns & information. I'm interested to find answers about many bills on a state & national level.

QUESTION: afropessimism

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is there a list of lectures/radio talks by frank wilderson?

QUESTION: Police Dissent and Resistance

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In Chapel Hill, NC, where the police have recently applied horrifying and disproportionate force against unarmed protesters, some want to chant against the cops, and others want to remember that "Cops are people too." Me, I am trying to make this conversation more interesting. If cops are people, I figure, then they are morally accountable as individuals, and we can ask why there was not a single officer willing to stand up and prevent the attack this weekend. Research will help me make this case.
Is there any single historical work, or perhaps a museum, of police dissent in the United States? There must be some place to go to find the stories of heroic police who stood against their departments and fought to prevent unjust police acts. (And, of course, if such a history is impossible to find, I would also deeply appreciate any research on how American police suppress dissent and silence moral objectors)

QUESTION: US Veteran Suicides

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Do American veterans who commit suicide receive military honours at their funeral? I've tried to find info, but haven't found anything specific so far.