ANSWER: Information about Mary Isaak


The commercial databases appear to have little on Mary Isaak. JSTOR gets zero hits for the search (full text of a VERY large set of scholarly journals) "mary isaak". It might be worth reading the 3 articles found by the search: "abe isaak" to find some indirect mention of Mary. But the zero hits for the "proximity searches" "abe mary isaak"~25 and even "abe mary isaak"~50 are not encouraging - and even the VERY broad search: "abe isaak" AND mary still gets zero hits. The one hit for: "abe isaak wife"~20; "Anarchism and the Assassination of McKinley". Sidney Fine. The American Historical Review, Vol. 60, No. 4 (Jul., 1955), pp. 777-799 says (p.781) "On the night of the assassination Chicago police arrested Abe Isaak, Sr., his wife, his son, and his daughter, and five other Chicago anarchists...", and (p.782) "the women, of whom there were three, were first allowed to bail and then later in the day released(21). Note 21 is: Chicago Tribune, Sept. 7, 8, 9, 1O, 19O1; Free Society, Oct. 6, 19O1.

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QUESTION: Czech Anarchists, Iranian Anarchism

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I am trying to locate any information on two Czech anarchists: Michal Mares and Michal Kacha, as well as any information on anarchism in Iran.

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