Know Your Rights youth training July 18

Youth Alert! Save the Dates & Maybe Save a Life from Being Taken by the NYPD

Saturday, July 17th & Sunday, July 18th
1:00pm - 4:00pm SHARP!
Maysles Cinema
343 Malcolm X Boulevard/Lenox Avenue (bet. 127th & 128th Streets) (212) 654-5008 (212) 582-6050
Free Admission For All (13-23) Aged Youth
$10.00 Suggested Donation For Adults
(No one turned away for the lack of funds)

anti-nazi youth


Thanks for your e-mail! The ProQuest databases I can access do not include this journal in volumes published before 1988. I recommend that you contact a librarian at your university for assistance in locating this article with an interlibrary loan. If you study at NUK, the form is here.

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Hi, thanks for your question! Here's one article from the journal History Teacher that might be helpful:

Author: Pagaard, Stephen.
Citation: History Teacher 2005 38(2): 189-207. ISSN: 0018-2745

Also, below are some relevant books & videos. I'll be happy to send you this list in a more readable format, if you e-mail me at

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QUESTION: Alternative Youth Culture in Nazi Germany

question / pregunta: 

I'm looking for sources on the edelweiss piraten, a youth group that tried to create an alternative to the Hitler Youth, and i'm also looking for any youth groups or actions in nazi germany that were confronting nazism with the actions of their everyday lives, thanks!

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I recommend starting with this article:

Seif, Hinda. "'Wise Up!' Undocumented Latino Youth, Mexican-American Legislators, and the Struggle for Higher Education Access." Latino Studies; vol. 2, no. 2, July 2004, pp. 210-230.

There are relevant chapters in this book:

WorldCat link: Major problems in Mexican American history : documents and essays

You might want to watch this documentary:

WorldCat link: Alienated undocumented immigrant youth

...and this film, produced by youths:

WorldCat link: America's invisible backbone rights vs. limitations

Also, try searching in WorldCat for "teenage immigrants" to see more books, films, etc.

Hope this helps...let us know we can assist you further! Thanks for asking us.

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