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QUESTION: Federal Funding for Solitary Confinement

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I'm looking into the Pennyslvania Dept. of Corrections use of 'restricted housing units.' I am particularly interested in founding out where funding for them comes from, and if this includes founding from the Federal government. Publicly-available information doesn't seem to disaggregated founding sources, and there is less public-available specifics on the Dept. of Corrections Budget. So far most of my research has been from the 'state-side'

So, my questions is if there is a precedent for federal funding for 'restricted housing units' or solitary confinement coming from the Federal Government?

Reforma Toolkit

Reforma has put together a toolkit for librarians for responding to anti immigrant sentiments. Find it HERE.

QUESTION: freedom of expression

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I am looking for information on freedom of expression projects in developing countries. I want to get a sense of what different regions are doing, issues they face, who is doing the organizing. I am also interested in any FoE movements involving the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and what is going on in Iran and Pakistan.

Thank you.

QUESTION: Female Genital Cutting

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Can anyone please tell me what the most recent research with cut women indicates about their position on pro-choice or other, with specific reference to cutting.

free conference on human rights archives and documentation

Human Rights Archives and Documentation:
Meeting the Needs of Research, Teaching, Advocacy and Social Justice

Conference at Columbia University October 4-6, 2007

The conference is free; registration is required.

QUESTION: constitutionality of school uniforms in public schools

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Our local public school will be enforcing a mandatory "Campus Wear" uniform policy this year, for grades 7-12. The restrictions include socks and undershits (solid color socks and white t-shirt, no muscle undershirts). No embellishments are permitted. The size, color, length, style (no patch pockets, must have belt loops) and even the type of fabric are dictated for the pants. If a student fails to obide by the new restrictions, they will be sent home to change into the full uniform (including a mandatory black or brown belt of not excessive length, and receive an unexcused absence (F for the day). Since when can a public school deny a minor their education based on what they wear? How is it the school's authority to dress our young adults? What about skirts? How can the idea of "professional appearance" equal polo shirts and khaki pants? This sounds like Walmart clothes, not Lawyers attire. Is it constitutionally legal for a public school to restrict the clothing of a student (right down to their underwear) and do they have the authority to deny them an education based on their compliance? SEE this policy site: -a concerned parent from Sandusky Ohio

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