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ANSWER: Films to get out to be referenced in order to get out to a wider audience


As I am sure you know the film world can be a difficult one to break into-if you have already made an independent film, the best way to get it seen is to attempt to have it screen in as many film festivals as possible. There is a nice list at Planet Indie. but you can also just search in your preferred search engine for "independent film festivals". If your aim is to make money, to have it seen by a wide audience or to have people help you spread the word about your film, having a distributor makes those things more possible. Again, distributors look for films that have been accepted to festivals, won awards there, or who are getting press for their film. You may know that much of getting a film seen is networking, and so looking at sites like this one: Indie Producer may be a good way to start. Also, listing it in places like Internet Movie Database, having clips available on sites like Vimeo, YouTube, Google Video, etc. will help make you more visible, and give you a place to point to others for automatic viewing and sharing.

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QUESTION: Films to get out to be referenced in order to get out to a wider audience

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As an independent filmmaker, how would I get my film out to a wider audience. It's well researched, packed with information and delivers it to people in a way that doesn't make them depressed. I've been touring with it, and people continually say, "This needs to get out. You need to get the word out." (Yes, I'm trying...) I'd be happy to send a copy to all the radical reference site. There's also info online at (I traveled around the world and asked people quite a lot of questions to see what they thought, then researched it to see if it was true. It seeks to get information to people before the elections so that we can have more informed debate. It also it a tool for others to screen in nationwide screening parties so that we can bridge the gap of information between the polarized sides.) How to get the word out?

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