confederate archives


One more source, for neo-Confederate writings, is the Sons of Confederate Veterans General Headquarters.

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confederate archives


Thanks for your note. Most of the records are in the National Archives:

A book detailing the records is described here.
Click here to check for a library near you which might have this book.

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QUESTION: confederate archives

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Looking for important documents, speeches, etc., by Confederates after the Civil War or neo-Confederates down to the present day! Also confederate army archives collections.

i added some resources to the reference shelf page history/resistance

yo: i added some resources to the History, Resistance section of the Reference Shelf (look towards the top right of the website).

Ciudad de Mexico, 1968, Tlatelolco, Archives; I just visited DF! / Questions on archives and social movement / Latest reading

I just visited Mexico City for the first time, and i had a really amazing time.

free conference on human rights archives and documentation

Human Rights Archives and Documentation:
Meeting the Needs of Research, Teaching, Advocacy and Social Justice

Conference at Columbia University October 4-6, 2007

The conference is free; registration is required.

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