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Shinjoung representin' at ICA

The International Communication Association Conference was held in San Francisco this weekend. I was on a panel titled, "Alternative Journalisms with Bob Ostertag (artist and author of People's Movements, People's Press), Don Hazen (founder of Alternet) and Josh Wolf (the Rise Up Network, The audience was mixed with academics, independent journalists, and community activists. I talked about what RR was doing to support alternative journalists. Many of them were surprised by our work and showed interest.

SF radref outreach

James and I have been in San Francisco for a year and finally we are starting to connect with local activist communities and let people know about radical reference.

We attended a public forum on immigration organized by international a.n.s.w.e.r. at the Women's Building. Karina Garcia, the political chair of the student Chicano Caucus at Columbia University, talked about a large protest against Jim Gilchrist at Columbia University. Radref flyers were passed around and left on several tables. We also went to the LaborTech conference. At the conference, we met a few Korean labor organizers and James and I are planning to meet them in Korea during our trip over the holidays.

NYPD ready to use Long Range Acoustic Device

While thousands of people are gathering in Union Square for a candle-light vigil, NYPD is equipped with Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), a 45-pound mega-megaphone which can cause permanent hearing damage. LRAD was developed by American Technology Corp. of San Diego which got a $1.1 million (U.S.) contract from the U.S. Marine Corps. According to Wikipedia, the device was originally intended to be used by American warships to warn incoming vessels of their arrival.

NYPD not complying with court's release order

Today, the NY court ordered detainees to be released from their holding pens at Pier57. However, as of 7:30(EDT) NYPD hasen't complied the judge's order. The general assumption on the street is that the protesters will be held until after the RNC is over. This is an illegal tactic which makes detainees into political hostages. Some people are calling Pier 57 a mini-quitmo.

breaking 5:30pm: mass arrests theater district

According to No RNC Sound Coalition, who is receiving phone calls from the street, there are mass arrests in the theater district near 46th and Broadway. Approximatly 100-150 people (including Legal observers) have been surrounded by NYCPD and the police are using orange neting to entrap the group of people. If you know anyone who has been arrested please call National Lawyers Guild at 212 -679-6018. Listen in for more details.

Library workers raise voices (Frequent updates)


(Sunday, 11:20am EDT)

Chuck0, a street librarian, reported that a contingent of 40 library workers, Radical Reference and Librarians against Bush, are gathering at 22nd street and 7th Avenue in the mobilization section of United For Peace and Justice, located next to the Code Pink contingent which are carrying mannequins and signs that say "pink slip Bush".

A street librarian at the Starbuck Rally

Email from Lara, a street librarian, at the Starbuck Rally at 8:41pm EDT on August 28th.

Starbucks protest rocked. Gave out many handbills. Answered 3 questions. One was asking me if the March for Choice was still happening. It was 3pm and I told them it would be going on until five, told another protester how to find the 6 train, and told someone in a car what the protest was about. The protest started at one Starbucks, moved to another Starbucks then went back to the first one. There was about 100 or so people. Only 2 times did people yell insults at the protesters (don't ask me what
they said b/c I couldn't hear them.) Cops were antsy, maybe one arrest. They were very insistent we don't block the sidewalk or stand in the street and ended the rally by using a bullhorn and telling people to disperse or they would be arrested.It appeared that most people left at the time. My husband and I headed downtown and some of the Starbuck's protesters did a short impromptu protest across the street from yet another Starbucks.

Breaking: ChuckO from March for Women's Lives

Chuck0, a street librarian, just reported from March for Women's Lives rally around 2:30pm which started from Brooklyn Bridge and gathered at the City Hall, lower Manhattan. According to Chuck0, despite sweltering weather in NY city, they are many people present challenging Bush policies. There are also a lot of police, but Chuck0 reports a pretty relaxed atmosphere. The March for Women's Lives is still goining on.

Breaking: Radical Reference volunteer arrested

Matthew, a radical reference volunteer, got arrested yesterday at the Critical Mass Bike Ride in NY city. According to Maggie Soffer, a street librarian coordinator, he is expected to be released this afternoon. A bystander at 7th avenue and 14th street said "it was amazing, there were packs of bikes, wheel-to-wheel passing by for about an hour." See NYC Indymedia for detailed information and breaking news.

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