Breaking: Radical Reference volunteer arrested

Matthew, a radical reference volunteer, got arrested yesterday at the Critical Mass Bike Ride in NY city. According to Maggie Soffer, a street librarian coordinator, he is expected to be released this afternoon. A bystander at 7th avenue and 14th street said "it was amazing, there were packs of bikes, wheel-to-wheel passing by for about an hour." See NYC Indymedia for detailed information and breaking news.

NY Times article

The Metro Section of the Times, has an article entitled, "100 Cyclists Are Arrested as Thousands Ride in Protest" that was originally "Police Arrest 250 in Bicycle Protest."

Matthew arrested

Interestingly, I found a NYT article entitled "100 Cyclists Are Arrested as Thousands Ride in Protest". So which is right? 100? 250?


264 arrested is the number cited in the final edition. The paper I bought, the late edition, says 100. A good example of the importance of currency in evaluating sources! (Emily and I taught our fact-checking and evaluating sources workshop today at the IMC. Matthew had planned to attend!)

Status of Matthew

Jenna Freedman, a street librarian, called from the arraignment court at 100 Centre Street around 5pm (EDT) and reported that Matthew was charged with illegal procession. He hasn't got a docket number yet, but the court is expected to re-open at 5pm for the arraigment. Jenna Freedman encourages people to come down to the court to support all activists.

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