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Librarian Report on Rad Ref Event in Boston

Brian Herzog is one of my very favorite librarian bloggers, and he did a really nice write up of the

Sysadmins Rock

I thought you all might enjoy this interview from wherein Kristina Clair, sysadmin

the radical imagination

Please note, this is a thinky sort of a piece rather than an informational one, but this seemed like the right place for it, and I'd appreciate your thoughts, should you have any.

Twitter and the G20

The New York Times and N

Raising Rebels exhibition

The Librarians' Internet Index this week pointed to a nifty collection of book covers from Syracuse University Library.

Radical Reference Discussion at Thinking Ahead 2008

As I noted in my last post, I lead a discussion section at Thinking Ahead, a small conference at the Sal

Thinking About Rad Ref

I'm going to be a "topic facilitator" at this conference in Salt Lake City later this month.

photos from iron rail

I took a bunch of pictures at the Iron Rail Infoshop. If you were there, you pretty much saw it all, but maybe you'd like a reminder; if you weren't, well, maybe you'd like to see where we had our meeting.

How the military was classifying propaganda circa 1983

Some one sent this tome on propaganda media to a listserv I'm on the other day. I'm passing it on mostly because it's somewhat entertaining to read from a librarian/organizer of information point of view.

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