Librarian Report on Rad Ref Event in Boston

Brian Herzog is one of my very favorite librarian bloggers, and he did a really nice write up of the Boston Collective's event from last week:

Turns out, this event was great. The Radical Reference librarians explained that, among other things, they are a group of librarians trying to do real grassroots community outreach. Instead of holding a program in a library and hoping people come, they contact different organizations in the community and visit them with a specifically-tailored presentation to suit their needs.

But best of all, this isn’t affiliated with any particular library - it’s just volunteer activist librarians who feel outreach and information literacy is important.


Yes, making the effort to do the outreach makes it more convenient for both of the parties to present and give the services they want particularly for the Librarians. For they are able to bring their services and help the people and readers outside of their libraries. Dissemination of information is important and necessary to provide knowledge and learning for everybody. Well, who knows even CQ Press will be able to recognize your works.

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