Urban Librarians Unite Blog & Tweet in

Save NYC Libraries and Urban Librarians Unite are asking library and librarian lovers to publicize a few things:

Hug the Library
NYPL, 41st @ 5th Avenue, Sat. Saturday, June 4 1:30-2pm

Save NYC Libraries 24 Hour Read-in
Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army Plaza, Saturday, June 11 at 4:00pm - June 12 at 4:00pm

Save NYC Libraries campaign

Mayor Bloomberg may have control of the budget, but the internet is for the people my friends. Let’s use our librarian powers of persuasion to get the word out about saving NYC libraries and library workers.

This is what we’re looking for:

  • If you have a blog, please write a post about our events, such as Hug the Library, the 24-Hour Read-In, or the Save NYC Libraries Postcard Campaign. You can talk about your experiences in last year’s efforts, or your plans for this time around, or just why you love libraries. We trust you, you’re awesome, so be as creative as you’d like. This is grassroots, kiddos!
  • If you have a twitter account, tweet about any of the above. Feel free to tweet at @ulunyc (That’s us! Urban Librarians Unite!). For Hug the Library we’re using the #nyclibhug hashtag, 24-Hour Read-In is #nycreadin and the Save NYC Libraries Postcard Campaign #savenyclibraries.
  • If you’re on Facebook, try simply sharing one of the events with your friends or inviting them to attend.
  • Hey! Emails and phone-calls and letters and face-to-face sharing works too. Are you part of a listserv that might be interested in library activism? What about a parents’ group? Letter to the editor? Sky’s the limit here, folks.

This is the kind of activism you can do straight from the comfort of your apartment.
If we’re really going to save libraries and jobs, we need to reach people outside our immediate circle. We are not wallflowers. We are fierce library advocates!

If you write a post, let us know. We’ll link to it. We’re good like that.