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QUESTION: regarding copyright for study group website

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To whom it may concern,

I am involved in a queer theory group that recently started a wiki page in order to share pdf files of the articles and other reading material we will be discussing in our meetings. We were wondering if this might get us in trouble because of copyright laws, or if you think we might be okay. It is a small group, but I don't know if the size of our group would matter, or what would happen if the group grows in size (which we hope that it does).

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kelly Ginger

QUESTION: Copyright & Fair Use

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Greetings radical librarians: I am part of an organization developing an online syllabus for study groups we hope to be launching in 2009. We hope to be using articles from academic journals (and most likely obtained from J-STOR and Project Muse). Since we're posting this syllabus online, are there any issues of copyright that we should be worried about?

My gut feeling is that since we're not conducting these study groups with any kind of fee$, that we're in the realm of fair use, but i'd like a more informed opinion than my gut. Help me out, please!

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