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website workday

Sunday, May 22, 1-4pm (Greenwich -4)
Openflows/Greenmap Office: 220A E. 4th St. (betw Avenues A & B), NYC
remote participation possible

website redesign project

David Walczyck's Pratt Institute Information Architecture & Interaction Design class, which is using Radical Reference as its web redesign client this semester has requested that we provide them a list of sites that we admire--not necessarily library related sites--for their design, interaction, or community aspects.

Please list yours here, with annotations if possible--either in this post or as a comment:

When Reference is Radical: Rad Ref in Make/Shift

The Fall/Winter 2009/2010 issue of make/shift: Feminisms in Motion contains a sort of mutual interview with Radical Reference librarians Emily Drabinski and Lia Friedman, who is make/shift's staff librarian.

They talk about how integral their librarian and activist identities are to each other.

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