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ANSWER: People in INS / ICE detention since 9/11


, a June 26, 2007 fact sheet from Immigration and Customs Enforcement says: "More than 260,000 detainees are held for some period of time each year. A daily average of 27,500 illegal aliens is in detention, with over 30,000 currently detained.
Since 2004, nearly one million persons have been detained by ICE....Approximately 15,000 of 29,000 total daily detainees are housed in facilities where DIHS staffs health services clinics and provides direct patient care. Approximately 14,000 detainees receive medical care at local and county jails and detention facilities located throughout the country.

DETENTION AND REMOVAL OPERATIONS: ALTERNATIVES TO DETENTION, a March 2007 fact sheet, says: "Every year the Department of Homeland Security arrests over 1.6 million aliens," and goes on to note shortage of bed space and the need to "...apply rigorous criteria to determine which apprehended aliens are detained."

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