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Leadership development programs for social change


If you are near a large public or academic library, you can also do research on this in many business and management databases. Public libraries often have Business Source(Ebsco). Their more general databases such as Masterfile or Infotrac might also be quite helpful. With a library card, you can get off-site access, including quite a few full text articles. Large academic libraries will have ABI/Inform, Factiva, and Business and Company Resource Center.

Since this is a broad subject, you will need to try many combinations, such as: "leadership development programs" and "public interest"; "leadership training" and "social change", etc. If you get too many hits, limit to title words or subjects, using "advanced search" or "guided search" options. In Ebsco and many other databases, you can even over-ride the "title, subject, abstract words" default, by typing in "search field limiters", for example: ti "leadership programs" and su "social change"

If getting library access is not practical right now, you can get quite a lot of research for free on the web. Google Scholar gets about 90 hits for: "leadership development programs" "public interest". But this DOES include some subcription-based journals, and it might be a bit discouraging if you are repeatedly asked for a user name and password. Google Scholar includes these as a convenience for its many academic customers - who often ARE on campus where these links often work because the institution's library subscribes and the publisher gives IP-address access. Compare a regular web search, using site:edu or, etc. Google's Web search: "leadership development programs" "public interest" site:edu gets 170 hits (238 including "very similar" ones)

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