geographic information systems

ANSWER: GIS mapping resources and data sets for U.S. social, economic, environmental justice indicators and demographic trends


In, the search: "free gis data" gets 50 hits, free GIS downloads (no double quotes) gets 99, "downloading gis" gets 37, etc. is tricky – using truncation seems not to work consistently. Download* gis gets 100, but sometimes the asterisk causes zero hits. Compare with Web searches using site:gov. Google gets 343 hits for "free gis" download* site:gov , and 4 hits for "free gis" "environmental justice" site:gov. To get data from colleges and universities, try searches like: "free gis" "environmental justice" site:edu (23 hits). Although includes a lot of state government sites, it is good to try searching for each state. For example, gis "environmental justice" gets about 62 pages, plus some duplicates. In the search, +"environmental justice" +gis gets 123 hits in the past 2 years alone. The phrase "free gis data" in "advanced search" gets 13 hits. Better yet, in the left hand index column of "Natural Resources" page, they have a link to interactive maps and GeoGateway

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