QUESTION: Mozilla Add-Ons for Firefox: creating new one for myself

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Mozilla Add-Ons for Firefox: For years I have used customized add-ons many times a day to search for a topic, author, or title on multiple sites one after another without retyping. (The radical part is that I used sites like and Worldcat with a zip code to help patrons get books cheap or free or locally from sources other than Amazon. I could also use websites I knew to be more far reaching than the library databases.) My personally added sites were just all wiped out accidentally by my IT department. I used to be able to add sites easily to my list, but this capacity seems to have been removed or moved long ago. Are any of you Rad Ref folks familiar with this app (which appears with the down arrow in the search box at the upper right of the Firefox page, at bottom under "manage search engines")? Can you advise me how I can add my own choices or whether this is not possible? I could mess with it further but tapping into collective knowledge seems a better path. My library phone number M-F 415 355 2886 if you want to call for clarification or a ref interview. Thanks,

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