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Blackwater and Jihad

The August/September 2007 issue of the Catholic Worker had reviews of two books that might be of interest to readers of this site:

Book Review: Blackwater: The rise of the world's most powerful mercenary army. By Jeremy Scahill, Nationa Books, NY 2007 Reviewed by Tom Cornell. - Mostly favorable review of book critical of the use of private security firms in war zones and the lack of accountability that creates. James Scahill spoke about his book to Truthdig and to Democracy Now.

Books mentioned in June/July 2007 Catholic Worker

The following nine books were cited in the June/July 2007 issue of the Catholic Worker. You can find a hyperlinked version of this list with holding libraries at

WorldCat List of Titles in May 2007 Catholic Worker


For my first blog post to Radical Reference, I wanted to draw people's attention to an Open WorldCat list I created at

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