WorldCat List of Titles in May 2007 Catholic Worker


For my first blog post to Radical Reference, I wanted to draw people's attention to an Open WorldCat list I created at

This is a listing of books and other media that were mentioned in the May 2007 Catholic Worker, a progressive/pacifistic newspaper published seven times a year.

Some of the books covered in this issues list included:

The war at home : the domestic costs of Bush's militarism
by Frances Fox Piven

The theocons : secular America under siege
by Damon Linker


Root shock : how tearing up city neighborhoods hurts America, and what we can do about it
by Mindy Thompson Fullilove

I put these items into a WorldCat list to encourage circulation and ILL of these kinds of materials and to enable discovery through the subject and author hyperlinks that WorldCat offers.

I'm aware that Open WorldCat has its flaws and that some libraries aren't listed, but I think if more librarians built lists of progressive materials it might help get them into more hands.

Please check out the list and please let me know if you are aware of similar efforts involving other progressive newspapers and journals.