NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes, January 2009

Attendance: Angie, Ann, Ellen, Emily, Eric, Jenna, Jennifer, Jess, Jill, John, Julie, Karen, Lynley, Mel (facilitator), Molly, Natalie, Romel

I Mel gave a brief overview of Radical Reference--its virtual and in-person projects and services.

II Grassroots Media Coalition liaison report
John has handed over liaison responsibilities to Karen.
John gave an overview of our relationship with the group and reported that planning is underway for the next Grassroots Media Conference, which will be held in early May(?) at Hunter College. There is a volunteer meeting on Wednesday night (January 28) at the North Star Fund, details to come.
We are hoping to organize a program at the conference about getting alternative materials into libraries.

III Really Really Free Market
Those who want to attend or offer Radical Reference service, or provide home support, for the Really Really Free Market on Sunday, January 25 from 6-9pm at St. Mark's Church should contact Mel.

IV Planning is underway for the first-ever Brooklyn Food Conference in May. Is anyone in RR interested in providing information services to the organizers? Tell Mel, who would like to help, but doesn't want to drive this effort.

V We commenced our planned salon style discussion of OCLC's proposed policy change, the notes for which, taken by Emily, will appear here or on the wiki presently.

Notes taken by Jenna. Please let me know if I made any mistakes or just go ahead and fix them yourself.