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Hi Radical Reference,

I'm currently working on a project I have been dreaming about for a longtime. Getting a Printing Press off the ground. So far I have began to stur up interest and support with a blog stating the projects intent and a small initial project that will realize in the meantime (a collaborative zine). I've been sending the e-mail below to friends and have begun doing searches for projects, people, etc. to also contact. I anticipate I will be sending out e-mails over the next week or two as I continue to do research.

My question for you has to do with needing a fiscal sponsor to umbrella
under while I begin to raise money. After checking out the project more who would you suggest I contact to propose such an endeavor? I really appreciate your time and any information you could share.

Mad Love and Sweet Rebellion,
jenny haley
Smart Tart Press


While they are NY based, Fractured Atlas has a fiscal sponsorship program that would seem to be a good institutional fit for a small press project. Check out their Fiscal Sponsorship info page. They also have a list of publishing projects they have sponsored. You might want to conact people at a few of those to see how the experience was.

If you prefer someplace local, you could check through the list for CA at the Fiscal Sponsorship Directory site. One place in southern California is Visions Made Viable in Irvine, which could be a match if your project will have a commitment to social change as part if its agenda.

The Tides Center has a guide

The Tides Center has a guide to fiscal sponsorship that is quite comprehensive.

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