Hack Your Library - Radical Reference workshop at the 4th Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair

The NYC Collective of Radical Reference will have a table at the 4th Annual NYC Anarchist Book Fair, and will present a workshop on Saturday at 12:45
Workshop description from program:

Some say we live in the Information Age – a lot of the time it can feel like we’re drowning in the stuff. Libraries exist to collect and organize information in print, electronic and other formats, and librarians are trained to know what’s in there. Librarians from the NYC collective of Radical Reference want to let you know how to educate yourself by taking advantage of specialized resources and collections in support of the struggle for a better world.

From archives of anarchist and oppositional organizations to sources for corporate research, local information and government publications, to hidden wireless hotspots and other means of access to academic libraries, this workshop will provide pathways to information power.

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