"Radical Reference: Socially Responsible Librarianship Collaborating With Community" article now in print

An article by Lia Friedman and yours truly (Melissa Morrone) is now in print, in the latest issue of The Reference Librarian!

"Radical Reference: Socially Responsible Librarianship Collaborating With Community"


To date, the written record of socially responsible librarianship chiefly concerns outreach to previously-disregarded constituencies and the relationship between library collections and the alternative press. Although librarians and activists have long shared a history, descriptions of their collaborations are scarce, and there is little to no documentation of the provision of reference and information literacy services in the context of socially responsible library work. In this article, we discuss the history of Radical Reference (RR), a collective of progressive library workers and students. We consider RR's evolution from a “street” and online reference collective to one that provides a variety of socially conscious information services. We also explore examples of RR members' forming extra-institutional bonds with activists and independent journalists.

It's not available free online, but the abstract and links to the full text (if your institution does subscribe) are here.

Good work, Mel & Lia! If you

Good work, Mel & Lia!

If you anyone who doesn't have access wants a copy, email me, and I'll send you a pdf: [myfirstname] @stealthisemail.com


Sherpa/RoMEO and Taylor & Francis (the publisher of the article) says that you can archive the pre-print version of the article. See http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/search.php for the Routledge and Taylor and Francis requirements. I also blogged about the article at: http://collaborativelibrarianship.wordpress.com/2010/02/18/collaboration-with-an-activist-community/

Hope you get lots of readers and citations.



Thanks, Joe, for both the info and the mention on your blog!

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