QUESTION: media coverage of 1991 riot at P4W (Prison for Women) in Canada?

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In 1991, women at P4W (or Prison for Women, Canada's only federal prison for women) rioted. Their riot was sparked by the 4th suicide of a Native woman within a 16-month time period. They barricaded themselves in the recreation room. The state responded by sending in prison guards with tear gas and attack dogs.

Where would I find media coverage (if any) of this event? (This is NOT the same as the 1994 P4W riots where a riot squad violently "extracted" sleeping women from their cells after a physical fight between the women and guards)


I'm emailing you a bunch of articles I found searching LexisNexis with this search strategy:

Major US and world publications, News Wire Services
"prison for women"
limited to January 1 1991-December 31 1991

Once I got results, I added the word "suicide" (without the quotes) to narrow them down some more. That got me 37 stories (many of them duplicates) from seven different sources in Canada and the United States.