QUESTION: Indigenous Struggles

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i am looking for sources that describe indigenous liberation struggles - particularly something that talks about the contrasts/differences between indigenous ideology (more rooted in spirituality, connection with the non-human natural world) and more socialist/nationalist ideologies. any ideas of who has written on this? where to look?


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jim miller

This question appears to call for the use of some academic databases and journals, most of which will need to be used on-site at a major academic or research library unless you have remote access via student or staff login. The search: indigenous liberation gets 1 article in Academic Search Premier. Ebsco searches phrases by default, so you don’t need to use quotes. Indigenous AND liberation gets 143 hits, 84 if you then click the "Academic Journals" link. You can use the "Refine Search" tab in Advanced Search to limit to full text, but that means just the full text available via Ebsco. Many large libraries have SFX or other "Link resolvers" to get you to other full text providers that they also subscribe to.

Note also that Academic Search includes cited references in some of its articles. The one article found by the phrase "indigenous liberation" has 27 cited references, which help you find other potentially useful articles. Also, if you change the "select a field" to TX all Text, indigenous liberation gets 22 hits, and indigenous ideolog* gets 61. These are all fairly small lists, and I would be tempted not to add more search terms. If you choose a word that means the same thing, but is different from what is in the database, you risk missing useful articles. But it’s often a judgment call: TX indigenous ideolog* AND socialism gets 13 hits, for example.

Many other databases can help with this topic. JSTOR, a full text e-journal archive available at most large academic libraries, gets 11 articles for: "indigenous ideology" AND socialism, 6 for "indigenous liberation" AND marx*, and 6 for "indigenous liberation" AND "liberation theology". Note that the * does NOT work in phrases in JSTOR – "indigenous ideolog*" gets zero hits. Truncation does work in Project Muse, a full-text database of about 240 scholarly journals. The full-text search: "indigenous ideolog*" gets 13 articles.
If your research is at all advanced – even a major upper level undergraduate paper – it’s worth checking Proquest Dissertations (Dissertation Abstracts). If you are looking ahead to masters or PhD research, this database is essential. It gets 26 dissertations with the search: indigenous and ideolog* and socialis*, and 9 for indigenous and ideolog* and animal*.

If you are not near a large research library, you can get some very good information free on the web. Google Scholar tends to be frustrating for this, however, because it links to very many commercial journals that will ask for a password unless you are on a subscribing campus or are using a restricted VPN or proxy connection. You can use site:edu or, etc. in a regular Google web search, to limit to mainly college and university research sites. The search: "indigenous liberation" socialis* site:edu gets 4 sites; "indigenous ideology" socialis* site:edu gets 9.

Google Books will serve as an index to even "restricted view" (under copyright) books, which you can then search for in Open Worldcat, to see what libraries nearest you have them. Google Books gets 44 hits for "indigenous ideology" socialis*, 12 of them limited preview and the rest restricted by copyright. The Internet Public Library gets about 30 hits for the search: indigenous. Its search engine is not nearly as flexible, so you might want to stay with that very broad search.