PDX Collective Meeting Notes - October 2008

Radical Reference Meeting Notes---10/27/2008-- 7:00pm at IPRC

In attendance: Lana, Nate, Ian, Renee, Denise

The low down on the Bitch Magazine lending library project:
All books have been grouped into the category headings created
Currently waiting for shelving units that are to be provided by Bitch
Donna is to meet with Debbie at Bitch to discuss online cataloging options beyond Library Thing

Nate provided information he had gathered in regards to Rad Ref Involvement with Oregon Prisons.
For more information e-mail Nate: mellingsather@gmail.com
Possible projects include:
-Adding more resources to Partnership for Safety and Justice- Support Directory
-Adding resources to Transition Directory, especially resources outside of I-5 corridor
-Teaming up with Books for Oregon Prisoners in some capacity

Renee/Ian/Nate are working on this.

Lana proposed teaching workshops at IPRC or through Free School.
The IPRC would advertise workshops and put in there calendar.
Everyone present was interested in leading/creating a “How to Become a Librarian” presentation.
Likely an hour in length and IPRC can host it at some point between December and March.

Finally the group discussed future meeting times.
Currently IPRC is the new home… and it is an awesome place.
Beginning December meetings are the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm @ IPRC
IPRC cannot host a meeting for us in November.
Group proposed using November to nail down a day and time that will work for more interested parties now that we know our meeting location.
Proposed alternatives to 1st Tuesday were: 1st Monday, or 1st or 2nd Thursdays
We will communicate via listserv.