NYC Local Collective Meeting Notes, September 2008

NYC Local Collective Meeting, September 19, 2008
Attendance: Jenna, John, Karen, Mel, Vani (facilitator)

  • Radical Archives Event
  • Alternative Materials in Libraries Event
  • Queens College Presentation
  • NYC Radical Reference Discussion List
  • IMC Event Report-Back

Radical Archives Event
The event will be held on Tuesday, October 28 at the Brecht Forum and is being sponsored by the Grassroots Media Coalition (GMC), to serve as one of their networking events. They will pay the $150 fee for the space and provide food. (Thanks, GMC!)

6:30 Set-up
7:00-7:45 Schmoozing
7:45-8:00 Introductions, including nascent Brecht Forum Library
8:00-9:00 Presentations from ABC No Rio (Steven Englander), The Lesbian Herstory Archives (Shawnta Smith), and The Tamiment Library (Donna Davey)
9:00-9:30 Questions, discussion
9:30 Clean-up

Vani is wrangling Lesbian Herstory, and Jenna ABC No Rio and Tamiment.

We will invite each presenter to table and share a table with the GMC. Out History asked if they could table, but the space can't easily accommodate additional tables. We will suggest that they ask if they can share with Lesbian Herstory.

Presenters will be asked to prepare 15 minute show and tells. (Vani/Mel—We didn't talk about computer/projector set up at the Brecht. Do either of you know what the scoop is?)

We already have a press blurb from Lesbian Herstory. We'll need them from the other two by 10/1.

We will request at $5-$15 donation for entrance to the event. The networking part will be free.

The GMC will help with online publicity. Mel will notify print publications (Voice, TONY, L, etc.)

Alternative Materials in Libraries Event
We more or less tabled this discussion, as we don't have anything new on it. Basically, it's another collaboration with the GMC and will take place in late January/early February and will focus on...getting alternative materials into libraries. It will be the first of a two part event, the second of which will take place a the Grassroots Media Conference. One part will be a discussion/brainstorming and the other a panel of gatekeepers (review publication editors, public and academic library selectors).

Queens College Presentation
Julie, Karen, and Vani will be presenting a history of "radical, militant, librarianship" for the Queens College Library & Information Science Student Association (QC LISSA). They're working on setting a date for the talk. Julie is the liaison.

NYC Radical Reference Discussion List
This was about breaking the NYC-RR list into two: one for announcements, and one for the work of project. The former would be open to non-volunteers, as well participants.

The five people in attendance discussed this potentially controversial topic, with suggestions to follow. We hope and expect that there will be more discussion on the list and/or comments on this page. Things we would like to consider:

  • No one should be added to the working list without attending at least one meeting
  • Removing people who have never attended a meeting or in some way contributed to the work of the local collective
  • Maintaining the core list as a trusted network.
  • Periodically reevaluating the list (every six months?), asking people who have not participated either in person or electronically if they still want to remain on the working list.
  • Adding a NYC-Announce list for non-participants as well as lurking members. Alternate name—public list?
  • Replacing the existing list with a list for only those who are actively engaged in the local project. To be called "working," "core," or "private."

IMC Event Report-Back
John reported on the Independent Media Center event that featured Naomi Klein, Jeremy Scahill, Roberto Lovato, Malia Lazu and Laura Flanders at Cooper Union. Rad Ref shared a table with the GMC. John distributed flyers and a modified Election Guide. He characterized Scahill's talk as "cool in a depressing kind of way."

All of the above in less than an hour. Yay us!

Notes by Jenna. Corrections appreciated.