USSF website work session

The United States Social Forum (USSF) Information and Communication Technology Working Group (ICT) has invited/requested librarians to help test and brainstorm the conference website, including how it will be used by our project in particular.

Monday, 1/18 2-5pm (people are welcome as early as 1 and as late as 6, though)
Openflows office 220A E. 4th St., 3rd fl. (Manhattan)

Here's a description of the session from its organizer, Mark Libkuman:
The next United States Social Forum is going to be held in Detroit this coming June. The ICT Working Group has been building technology to help the Forum be organized. A big part of this is going to be a Drupal site that will allow people wanting to be part of the Forum to self organize. The ICT has been working to create an infrastructure for this site and it is getting close to the point where we will be opening it up to let people start organizing. But we really need help to imagine how people will really use this site, how they will find information, how they will announce their participation, how they will find people to work with, and how they will work with those people. To help with these ends the ICT invites Radical Reference to the Openflows office this MLK day to help us analyze our plans for this site and brainstorm ways for the site to be the tool we all hope it can be. Part of this brainstorming will be very specific to Radical Reference as we will analyze how Rad Ref as an organization could use this site to meet their Social Forum goals. We would also like to reserve a small portion of the time to discuss the incredibly nascent plans for a Media Lab at the forum.