Laura Flanders

"Election 2008: Race, Gender and the Media"
 A special panel discussion featuring Laura Flanders, Glen Ford & Gary Younge

Thursday, October 2nd 

7:30 - 9 pm: Panel discussion 

9 – 10:30 pm: Debate watching party

At the Brecht Forum 
451 West Street (West Side Highway / between Bank & Bethune Streets) 
Sliding scale: $6/$10/$15 • Free for Brecht Forum Subscribers

Join FAIR, the Manhattan Neighborhood Network and the Brecht Forum for a panel discussion, Q&A and debate-watching party on the night of the debate between vice presidential nominees Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.

The evening will kick off with a panel discussion on race, gender and the media in the 2008 election. In an election year that has seen the first black candidate nominated for president by a major party and the first Republican woman nominated for vice president--while two women of color have teamed up on the Green Party ticket--issues of race and gender have been at the forefront during this campaign season, not least in media coverage. But how well have the media served the public in this historic election? What issues are being ignored, even as the press heralds the race as evidence of shattered glass ceilings and the "end of black politics"? Journalists Laura Flanders, Glen Ford and Gary Younge take a closer look.

Then stick around with FAIR at the Brecht Forum to watch the vice presidential debate.

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