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QUESTION: Census tool for demographics across decades

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There are many tools out there for handling census data. Unfortunately, I can't find what I need.

I am looking at a 3 county area in my state and need to find census data from ALL census years. The trickiest thing so far has been finding tools that include data from before 1990.

Ideally, but not absolutely nessecary, I'd like to find a tool that will let me create my own variables. I.e. income of richest %1 of households in a grouping of census tracks.

The reason for this question is that my organization is working on an economic history of our region and would like to compare different industries to population trends.

ANSWER: prison population statistics and health care costs


Also, double check this Radical Reference site itself - we have had many questions on prison statistics - though I don't recall finding sources that would answer this specific question, for those that I helped answer. In our search box at upper right, try: prisons and statistics (6 hits); prisoners and statistics gets 11 hits besides the first answer to this question.

Pubmed.gov gets 278 hits for the search: prison inmates and health and age; 47 hits even if you click on the "Limits" tab just to lower left of the search box, and click on "Links to free full text". I get 2 full text ones for: prison and health care and costs and age (out of 6 total); the same 2 full text (out of 8) for: prison and health care and cost and age; 20 free fulltext (of 89) for prison and cost and age groups; and 14 (58) for: prison and costs and age groups. As you probably have guessed by these examples, Pubmed does not allow truncation; and I might add that Google gets inconsistent results using the asterisk to truncate words.

Jim Miller

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