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ANSWER: Libraries, personal information collection


This can quickly get into legal assistance, which would require at least a legal aide society or Law school volunteer assistance, if there is an issue that is affecting you personally. But you can also do quite a bit of research on your own, if you want to read laws or news articles about this. For example, there are state sites such as Maryland Law Library, which links to Maryland laws. You can either browse categories or search, which gets 180 hits for: privacy, and 5 hits for: privacy and library. You can find some local ordinances in city of county sites, but that seems more hit-or-miss. Federal laws can be searched at, which gets 3 hits for: "library records" and 180 for: library and records. Other words to try would be: privacy, confidentiality, and maybe even "identity theft", which gets 21 hits. But also, you would probably want to search for POLICIES in your library's website, possibly under administration or staff - IF those pages are publically available. University libraries, especially public ones, may be more likely to have policy documents open to public view - for example, the University of Maryland Libraries' Administrative Memos, which in turn link to University Policy But if the particular library you are dealing with does not seem to have an easily findable policy (not even via its "site search"), you can either go to the next higher level (the county or state page) to see if they have policies linked.

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