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QUESTION: What kind of questions are asked at demonstrations

question / pregunta: 

I read your article in the IFLA Journal 35 in 2009. What still is not clear to me about the work of radical reference: What kind of questions are asked at demonstration and other political events? First people have to recognize you, but what happens with you at these events afterwards? Could you supply sample questions?
Thank you very much!

Origin of Expression


As you may note in our “about us” page (see the link above), Radical Reference’s site exists to “support activist communities, progressive organizations, and independent journalists by providing professional research support, education and access to information.” So, our main mission is to provide research assistance for and about social change and issues, broadly defined. At the same time, our question portal is open to everyone, and we have several examples of this sort of popular culture question. Librarians are naturally curious, and many of us are interested in language, so questions about etymology – the history and origin of words and phrases – have occasionally been explored on this site.

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