Answer: Federal Anti-rioting cases since 1968

QUESTION: More anti-rioting questions

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Thanks for answering the first question about the 1968 Federal anti-rioting law USC Title 18, Chapter 102 18USC102. The question is How many unduplicated prosecutions and/or investigations have the FBI done using this code. I was told by a lawyer the information maybe available in the Library of Congress or through some data on crime statistics that the FBI keeps.

QUESTION: Federal Anti-rioting cases since 1968


A search for cases on Lexis (which is a subscription database) that cite the statute from 1969- 2009 is 70, You will have to look at each case to determine if anyone was actually prosecuted. This same list can be found using Shedards citators using the citation 18 U.S.C. 2101 You can go to any public law library and find Shepards and the cases in reporters . A complete list of NYS Unified Court System Public Access Law Libraries is
available at

Alt law
and Find law
may have some or many of the cases but they arent authoritative sources.

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