Researching the US Political Right

Media Transparency
For tracking funding of the political right, Media Transparency, which "tracks the impact of conservative philanthropy on the media, both through a database of grant information and through original research."

Right Web

"Exposing the architecture of power that's changing our world."
Lots of profiles of right-wing organizations and people. "Right Web, a program of the International Relations Center founded in late 2003, explores the many ties that link the main players, organizations, corporate supporters, foundations, educational institutions, and government representatives to each other in what we described as a new architecture of power. Right Web primarily focuses on the influence of this architecture of power on the direction of foreign, military, and homeland security policies. Most of the organizations and individuals profiles are now associated with the Republican Party, but this "architecture of power" crosses party lines as does the Right Web program, which also profiles such right-center organizations as the Democratic Leadership Council and leading liberal hawks." Check out their chart on the Bush foreign policy team, a who's who of militarists, social conservatives, and neoconservative ideologues.

Political Research Associates
PRA is sort of a progressive think tank. Their Public Eye website provides "resources for understanding and challenging the Political Right." There are lots of articles here, on topics from Christian Zionism to Gay Conservatives, etc.