QUESTION: public opinion, social movements, economic crisis

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Hello! I am trying to find good sources of polling data on American Public Opinion and public opinion in other countries related to 1) the economic/financial crisis and/or 2) the movements that are springing up in response to them, e.g. Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party, etc. Thank you!


There is a database called Polling the Nations that might provide the kind of survey data you're looking for. You can search it without a prescription, but can't review the responses.

I searched < occupy > after September 2011. There were four results, but they all questioned US people only.

I also tried < economic crisis >, which yielded 366 results, some US, some international.

Would you care to formulate some searches/queries and let me know which responses you want to see? Or if you can tell me which countries/regions you're especially interested in, I can poke around myself.