QUESTION: Alternative Surviving Suicide Resources

question / pregunta: 

I was wondering if there are any alternative resources on deal with/ surviving suicide.


Perhaps zines might be one place to look for alternative perspectives? I found the zines "Suicide or Die" and "Objects in Mirrors: A Suicide Survival Zine," through a search engine search for the keywords zine + suicide, but there are other zines more broadly about mental health (here's also a discussion about other mental health zines on We Make Zines).

These aren't necessarily alternative, but are probably worth combing through: American Association of Suicidology: Suriving Suicide Links.

I also suggest connecting with a local resource, like Be Well! Pittsburgh, which was started by a radical librarian, incidentally.

The Icarus Project

There are some good, alternative mental health articles and other resources on The Icarus Project's website ( Good luck!

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