Organizations and resources for the RNC convergence

Here are links to organizations that are working for change during the Republican National Convention. Additionally, there will be resources for activists linked here as we find them. Please contact Radlib for comments or suggestions.

Organizations :: Resources


  • A31 Action Coalition

    A group calling for non-violent civil disobedience and direct action. Check out the amazing poster!
  • Counter-Convention

    News, events listings, posters and materials, ride share and housing board.
  • NoRNC Clearinghouse

    As the title suggests, this is a clearinghouse for various organizations,collectives and groups. Lots of resources here, including a direct action handbook, flyers and graphics, etc.
  • NoRNC Poster Project

    "Visual resistence to the Republican National Convention." There are some really amazing posters, stickers and art work for download or purchase.
  • NYC Independent Media Center

    NYC and converngence news, media information, and more.
  • Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign

    Sponsoring the "March for our lives".
  • Time's Up!

    NYC bicycling and environmental action group . Check out the bike national convention, Aug 20 - 29!
  • Rant Trainers' Collective

    Rant works with global justice movements to train participants in "creative, effective nonviolent direct actions to dismantle unjust systems, institutions and corporations." Lots of resources and biographies of trainers.
  • RNC Media Convergence Center

    Grassroots media community forum including advocacy workshops and panels for independent media creators.
  • Still We Rise

    Housing, healthcare, jobs and income support are the main issues of SWR. They're a non-partisan coalition representing a group of over 35 organizations.
  • United For Peace and Justice

    "A coalition of more than 800 local and national groups throughout the United States who have joined together to oppose our government's policy of permanent warfare and empire-building." This is the umbrella group heading the march on Sunday, Aug, 29th, 2004. Events, resources, groups, and more.


  • People's Guide to the Republican National Convention

    The definitive guide to the public events surrounding the RNC. Download the map for free or get it at a number of respectful outlets (no, NOT Walmart or Target).
  • Maps:
  • Media:
    • Advanced Traveler Information System

      From the NY Dept. of Transportation, 45 still or streaming cameras installed at "key traffic points". Not much help, but fun to check out live streaming media of NYC!
    • Free103point9 Radio

      coordinating a live 24/7 internet webcast from the protests.
    • NYC Independent Media Center

      coordination, breaking news etc.
    • Truthout RNC2004

      Audio/video reports from inside and outside the convention.
    • NoRNC Sound Coalition

      A collaborative project organized by independent sound makers to coincide with the protests at the Republican National Convention. Their goal is to "create a welcoming and supportive structure that sound artists, radio groups, and activists of all skill levels can plug into during the RNC. The overall project will include workshops, editing workstations, and air-time programming on a coordinated webstream."
    • NycMobalizationInfoLine

      Information call in line for the Anti-War mobalization in New York and affinity group clusters during the protests.
  • National Lawyers' Guild

    An association dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. The Guild unites lawyers, law students, and legal workers as an effective political and social force in the service of the people. If you are arrested or detained, call the National Lawyers Guild at 212-679-6018. They will also have 400 to 500 lawyers and legal observers in the crowds on Sunday. They are wearing green hats.
  • Reporters' Committee for Freedom of the Press

    RCFP have arranged legal help for credentialed press covering the convention. Attorneys from Levine, Sullivan, Koch & Schulz, LLP will be available via the 24-hour "Media Hotline" to offer cost-free legal advice and
    representation with regard to convention access and coverage. The hotline
    phone number is (212) 850-6122. So get your press passes NOW!