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I'm looking for information regarding reading groups in prison. So far, I've been able to find some information about a group called Prison Reading Groups in the UK, but I'm wondering if there are any projects like that happening in the States?

Changing Lives Through

Changing Lives Through Literature is a group that works with using reading groups as prison diversion programs, among other stuff.

via Twitter:alalibraryval

via Twitter:

alalibraryval Valerie Hawkins
@radreference Not sure about reading group info, but we have resources on prison libraries collected on at

possible leads

Besides everal articles about prison reading groups in the UK, which I'm assuming you've already found:

Megan Sweeney. "Reading and Reckoning in a Women’s Prison." Texas Studies in Literature and Language 50.3 (2008): 304-328. Project MUSE. Web. 21 Jan. 2011. .

Also another angle: A public library I where I used to work did prison outreach--maybe look into this more?

Reading in prison

Follow this link, from the NY Times, about inmates reading to their children while in prison:

Also follow the link below to ERIC and see if your public library, or academic library, has access to it.
Book Club Goes to Jail: Can Book Clubs Replace Gangs? by Hill, Margaret H.; Van Horn, Leigh from Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, v39 n3 p180-88 Nov 1995

(Journal holdings in WorldCat - or request by interlibrary loan from your local library.)

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