QUESTION: U.S. police shooting stats by city, 2005 to present

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Hmm, there's no question here, except for the title. Which I suppose could be interpreted as a question -- a very broad one! So, in case some googler of the future comes across this page while looking for police shooting statistics, here are some ideas about this question...

First, what do you mean by "police shooting"? The shooting of civilians by police officers? The shooting of police officers? The killing of civilians by police? The general discharge of guns by police officers? Etc.

Regardless of what you meant by "shooting," you may find useful information via the "Law Enforcement" area of the Bureau of Justice Statistics site, particularly the Local Police section -- although the data in these reports tend to be at least a few years old.

And you would probably need to look up statistics for each city you're interested in. In New York City, for example, the NYPD section of the city's website provides a number of reports, including an Annual Firearms Discharge Report (see p. xix [p. 21 of the PDF] for the numbers of "subjects" shot and killed or injured by police in 2008 and 2009).

Also look for anti-police brutality organizations in your desired cities, as they have an interest in keeping track of the shootings of civilians by police as well. In NYC, for example, there's the October 22nd Coalition.

Hope that's helpful -- please repost a full question if necessary!

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What I have been trying to find out is stats by city on discharge of their firearms in the line of duty by police officers in the United States from the years 2005 to the present, with 2008 and forward being most important. My primary concern is shootings that resulted in civilian casualties though broader data is helpful, too.

I seem to have somehow misunderstood your form. I *did* give all of this info in the window that looked to be appropriate on the form but somehow that info doesn't seem to be visible anywhere now.

Thanks for the info in your posts. I'll keep looking. I will also be seeing what I can get direct from the FBI and if I make any headway there, I'll post the data here as well.

Police shootings

It may be that these statistics are not collected comprehensively for the entire US and/or not for the years you are requesting.

There's other statistical reports from the B. of Justice Statistics, including (not specific to shootings)
Arrest-Related Deaths in the United States, 2003-2005

Data collected from surveys of police departments is available from the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

The FBI keeps annual statistics on officers killed in the line of duty.

This article: A Quantitative Analysis of Wrongful Death Lawsuits Involving Police Officers in the United States, 1995-2005 may cite statistics.

There are also plenty of articles on police shootings that cite statistics by specific city or state, for example.
for Tennessee which provides a particularly extensive bibliography.

James Fyfe, wrote widely on police use of force, but he died in 2005, for example:
Who Shoots?

Statistics may be available through the web pages and reports from individual police agencies.

For the NYPD specifically, Lloyd Sealy Library - John Jay College/City University of NY in NYC has issues of the Firearms Discharge Reports in paper for 1986 & 1990-2008. You may view them by making an appointment to see them with the Special Collections Librarian

On these statistical reports see testimony by NYCLU Associate Legal Director Christopher Dunn

The United States Civil Rights Commission wrote a report in 2000 on NYPD practices. And Human Rights Watch also wrote a report on NYPD practices in the same year.

More Stats on NYPD shootings

This article came out in today, which offers NYPD shooting statistics back to 1971.

Record low fatal police-involved shootings in 2010

BY Joe Kemp

Wednesday, January 12th 2011, 4:00 AM

Read more:
- includes a chart - Subjects shot and killed by NYPD officers from 1971-2010.

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