RR email lists have moved!

Our email lists have all migrated to a new server, and now will be hosted throught the radicalrefence.info domain. All subscribers to the various lists should now be subscribed to the new lists. This message is going out (I hope) to the main RR discussion list.
The new address to use to post to the list is radicalref@radicalreference.info
Please add this to your contacts to be sure messages get through.
ALSO - and, perhaps, most importantly - while our lists were away, a considerable backlog of questions has built up on the RR site. Please visit www.radicalreference.info and add some information to the various questions waiting there. You don't need to come up with the final, comprehensive answer (though those are good, too) - it would be great if we had a collaborative process that took advantage of all of the skills we have subscribed to the site.

It's great that you expressed interest - now go to it!