History Is A Weapon- help them keep Howard Zinn's book up on their site!

The amazing online resource History is as Weapon (and you can find other resources on the reference shelf) is having a problem with the publisher Harper Collins.

Namely, they are being asked to take down the full text of A People's History of the United States. This is their response.

They're looking for feedback on what they should do.

Write to Harper Collins

Hi folks: So, I wrote to History Is a Weapon about writing to Harper Collins on their behalf- they would love support emails sent to the publishing house. I sent an email to feedback2@harpercollins.com

This is what i wrote- please use it as an example if you want to write to them, too:

Dear Harper Collins: As a librarian, and reader of Howard Zinn, I find your “cease and desist” letter to the website "History Is a Weapon" (historyisaweapon.com) to be completely out of place. Knowing the work of Mr. Zinn, it is totally in keeping with his ethos that he would support the placement of A People’s History of the United States on the website; for those individuals that can’t literally afford to purchase the title, he would have wanted them to be able to read it through this website if they could.

On my end, I know that libraries continue to buy People’s History as a core part of their collection, and I think your publishing house should be happy to have a title that is still seen as so necessary to understanding the United States. Please stop your complaints against a volunteer website endeavor that ultimately promotes the title your publishing house holds, as an entry point for the work.


P.S.: This letter is in response to http://www.historyisaweapon.com/response/

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