2nd call!!! Rad Ref panel in Sacramento for CLA in November

Hi all,
I was recently contacted by someone at CLA who wants us to do something at their next conference. Is anyone interested in doing a panel with me? I'm willing to do the legwork (filling out the proposal etc), but think it would be WAY better with more than just me yammering away. You could tie this in with a nice SoCal vacation, come on, it'll be fun and panels are a great way to get your feet wet if you haven't presented much. Deadline is April 17th though, so get in touch if you are interested.
Below find his letter:

"I've been following the activities of Radical Reference, and read with interest your IFLA paper "The Sidewalk is Our Reference Desk." I'm writing because RIG is currently developing potential workshop proposals for the 2010 CLA conference (Sacramento, November 12-15). I've spoken with other members of RIG, and everyone concurs that it would be wonderful to sponsor a workshop highlighting the activities of Radical Reference so that California librarians can learn more about, and potentially become involved with, the important work you folks do. CLA begins accepting proposals on 2/25, with all proposal due by 3/31. If you're interested in pursuing this I would be more than happy to assist with the propal writing as much as possible, and offer any other assistance you might need. And please know that we would be very open to whatever type of presentation would interest you most (you alone, a panel of people from Radical Reference, a more specific topic, etc.). I should mention that, unfortunately, we do not have funds to underwrite the workshops or speakers that we sponsor. I understand if this is an impediment."

email me if you're interested!!


I would definitely be happy if I was able to sponsor for the program. These type of workshop will really be a great effort and also effective for the librarians and the others too. Hope you got the funds for the workshop. Also highlighting the activities of Radical Reference can really be a great thing to do to bring out the best quality results.

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