Tonight's Meeting


Hi everyone

Sorry to send this as an "answer" but I'm at work and therefore blocked from the listerve. argh.

Anyway, I'm going to try to make the meeting this evening but I have a birthday drinks thing after work for a dear friend and it might be obnoxious for me to show up at the meeting half in the bag, so if that's the case I won't come.

There was a lot of interest on the Pratt listserve about RadRef, however a lot of grumbling that the meeting is on a Friday night (I guess lots of bartenders and waitresses aspiring to be librarians!) because they couldn't attend.

I also want to mention that Pratt is having a "librarian swarm" on Saturday October 3rd for Banned Books Week and the organizers wanted me to see if Radical Reference was interested in attending/swarming/etc.

The organizer is Jessica Speer (speer.jessica-atsign-gmail-dot-com)

Here's the date/time info:
Saturday, October 3 between 1 & 3 pm. @ Union Square.

I'm envisioning librarians showing up with a couple of their favorite
challenged books and whatever freedom-to-read paraphernalia they can get
their hands on. We're working on getting pins made for the swarmers and/or
to pass out, if we can swing the $, either via SILSSA's budget or a
last-minute bake sale. We have a page of info/resources on the Google Groups
page, so people can prepare some talking points (most challenged books last
year, etc.).

And the Google Group

If anyone is interested, you can contact Jessica directly.

Maybe I'll see later.