Per Laura Quilter, Esq., fair use attorney and librarian:

"The answer is that it is very fact-dependent, and I can't assess it just from the facts given -- e.g., 'part of an organization.'

"The TEACH Act (17 USC 108) protects use of materials in online teaching, but it's quite cabined in by various restrictions. If that explicit statutory exemption doesn't work, then it goes to fair use (17 USC 107), and of course that will depend on the various factors.

"The 'safest' course in a short-term sense is to provide only the citations. However, it is not necessarily the 'safest' course in terms of thinking about librarians' responsibilities to fully use legal rights on behalf of our patrons. The practical middle course is to password-protect the materials, which prevents unauthorized access by would-be infringers and by would-be infringement investigators."

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