State Prisoner Locators

As an outgrowth of the ALA GODORT 50-State Agency Database Registry, I have created a page listing databases for locating state prisoners. If you know people trying to find friends and loved ones, please direct them to this page.

Right now I only have nine states with such an online resource. If you are aware of any not on the list, please let me know or add it to the wiki.

State DOC prisoner locators

The federal government site "" lists links to the state correction departments featuring online inmate locators.

They also include list of all the state departments of correction (both those with online inmate locators and those without


Thanks for this. I noticed your link went into the Q&A system, so I was wondering how you came across this listing.

Also, can you think of other subject-oriented database collections that perhaps are not as easily accessible?

One up on

In comparing the to the ALA GODORT list, I found two locaters they we had that they did not. New Hampshire and Washington. I'll send in an update. Documents librarians working together is a great thing.

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